As surely as the sun will rise in the East and set in the West, we can count on a year of daily announcements of new updates, upgrades and innovations from the tech world. The question is what will they be throwing at us this year. I gave you my best predictions a couple of days ago. Now, I'm going to take it a step further and offer the tech companies my personal wish list of top innovations I'd like to see.

If you work for one of these tech companies, please forward this to your R&D department immediately.


I want an iPad in a Macbook clam shell complete with the keyboard. In other words, I want two devices in one - an iPad and a Macbook. I'm willing to pay, by the way.


I love my gmail, despite your mud fence ugly interface. Even with my Zen rocks background that you've provided, it's still not feng shui enough for me. Time for an overhaul. With all that money, can't you raid Apple for a UI whiz?


Truthfully, I'm done with Windows and Internet Explorer. But, Office is another matter. It's still the bomb. I regret how much you charge for them. But when it comes to the free alternatives, you get what you pay for I suppose. Still its time to take PowerPoint, especially, to the next level. I want PowerPoint to be more of a multi-media editing suite - ever more so than now.  I want to be able to upload the whole thing as a web site with one click. I want a touchscreen version, so that I can manipulate the elements of my presentations with a flick of my finger. I also want to make changes by voice command as I run through it over the big screen projector in my conference room.

P.S. I can wait forever for 3D video in my home. But, I want 3D PowerPoint now!

P.S. Again: Why don't you buy SmartTechnologies and integrate PowerPoint with SmartBoards?

I want the consumer version of you. I want CRM designed for the customer and not the business. I want it to allow me to dictate the terms of the relationship. I don't want businesses to manage their relationship with me. I want to manage my relationship with them. I want a dashboard I can download to my mobile device and monitor sales and promotions at my favorite retailers, nearby inventory of what I want, direct access to customer service through all forms of communication (phone, twitter, email, Facebok, etc.), consumer reviews, price comparison searches and package tracking. Yes, I have most ofl these things already. But, I want them all in one place with a slick, easy to use interface. I think you could do the best job at this, so get busy.

Sony, Toshiba, Sanyo, Vizio, etc.

I can wait forever for 3D television in my home. But, please come up with a simple, easy to use operating system for televisions and all the plug-in devices therein (cable boxes, home theater systems, DVRs, DVD and Blu-Ray players, etc.). It needs to be idiot proof, crash proof and universal. P.S. I've been asking for this for over 20 years.

Battery makers

My IT buddy, CJ, talks about this all the time and I agree. The next great thing will have to be a quantum leap in battery technology. We need the next generation of batteries that run longer, weigh less and don't get so hot that they fry your legs if you actually use your laptop - on your lap!