And there was much rejoicing! The people have spoken and Apple has heard your cries regarding the klugey compatibility between Final Cut X, the latest version of Apple's popular video editing suite, and previous versions.

Final Cut X,  launched earlier this summer. Complaints were swift and copious. Apparantly, there was no seamless way to import projects or XML files from previous versions. At the same time, Apple was quick to take those older versions off the market nudging users to upgrade whether they wanted to or not.

On a much smaller scale, of course, this is sort of sounding like the Windows Vista/Windows XP situation that Microsoft stepped into a few years ago. Microsoft ended up keeping XP on the market way longer than it ever wanted.

Along those lines, Apple has announced today it is putting the previous version of Final Cut back on the market. It's $999 ($899 for educator clients) available to order only by Apple's 800 number on its web site. You won't find it listed on its site or in an Apple store.