At least it's not pink!

HTC refuses to admit it's new Android "Rhyme" is a chick phone. But make no mistake; it's a chick phone. It's purple and comes with matching accessories. Need I say more?

You know I will. Here goes...

The "Rhyme" was unveiled to the press in New York City this week. It actually goes on sale through Verizon later this month for $199.00 (that's with a two-year service contract, of course).

Indeed it is purple and I have to admit, it's actually a pretty good deal. It comes with loads of accessories (matching purple, of course); a purple bluetooth, a set of purple tangle-free ear buds, and a (not-purple) speaker dock. The accessory getting the most attention, however, is something called the "Charm."

It's purple, of course.

The charm is a dongle-like attachment with a cube at the end that lights up (purple) when there's a call or text message. The idea is that when your phone is deep in the bowels of, say, a purse (or a manbag, I suppose), the charm can keep you from missing something important. Justin Beiber fans are going to love it!

The specs are certainly respectable enough, but not exceptional to other recently released Android models.  It runs on Android "Gingerbread," has a 3.7-inch display, a 1GHZ processor, and includes both a rear and front-facing camera on board. Again, not bad—today! It'll likely be a dinosaur by the holidays, however.

Funny, when consumer electronic makers want to rope in men; they emphasize performance. When then want to rope in women, we get purple.

I'm not "charmed."

However if you're going to cross that invisible line, HTC, and patronize us, you might as well do it right.

Maybe the Rhyme II could come with some pre-loaded diet apps and a basil thermometer.

Better yet, speaking for the middle-aged soccer-mom crowd; I'd like a special "Steel Magnolias" Anniversary Rhyme in Julia Roberts' signature colors (bashful and blush).

Ooh! Ooh! Maybe you could partner with Revlon and match our nail polish. I'd also like my bluetooth to have a little compartment for my lipstick, while you're at it.