Brilliant, Twitter! Simply, brilliant! Like Twitter needs anymore positive hype in the press and media. Then again, you can never have too much good press.

Twitter is knocking it out of the park right now hosting its first developer conference. It's being held in San Francisco, ending today (started yesterday). But honestly, who cares about that really.

The brilliant part is that Twitter being Twitter, the headlines coming out of the conference have come out one tweet at a time. If you nose around the tech blogs and news sites it translates to story after story with Twitter in the headline.

For two days, Techmeme (an aggregate site of tech stories) has been all but dominated by Twitter stories.

Here are just some of those stories:

- 75% of all Twitter traffic comes from outside Twitter.

- The Library of Congress is going to start archiving Tweets.

- Android is getting a Twitter App soon.

- Twitter is getting its own link shortener.

There are more. Lots more. I don't know when I have seen so many headlines come out of one conference. Make no mistake; if you add it all up, the quantity of news is on par with how much Intel news comes out of an Intel deveoper's conference for example.

What is different is how the news is being doled out; one Tweet at a time creating a whole new wave in the news cycle each time. Brilliant!

Take notes, folks. The medium is the message.