Undoubtedly, a good many of your future employees will be heading off to college (or back to college) in a few weeks. You may want to note what technology choices they are packing in their footlockers in between the extra set of sheets and the hotplate for late night mac and cheese.

The research firm, Student Monitor, has been tracking such things for more than 20 years. This year, its survey is showing that Apple has taken the lead as the computer maker of choice for college students.

At first blush, this may not seem like a big deal when you look at the actual numbers. Yes, 27% of college laptops are now Macs surpassing Dell at 24%. HP comes in third at 15%. Bottomline: quick math shows that 27% from 100% leaves 73% of students still living in a Windows world.

However, 47% of students who plan on buying a laptop (83% skew laptop) say they want a Mac. Five years ago, literally, 47% of students said they planned on buying a Dell while Apple sat at 14%.

Remember, this is your future white collar work force. When they graduate these Apple users will either be greeted by a seamless transition to a company issued Mac or a bumpy (and grumpy) transition to Windows.

What's it gonna be?

Think about the frustration factor of that transition. Think about retention. Consider that in time, today's co-ed will be the decision makers selecting tech brands for the workplace, as well.

How can you set up your workplace to be platorm agnostic? Cloud computing, open source solutions, web-based apps, etc. are looking smarter and smarter aren't they?




Published on: Aug 9, 2010