Apple's latest version of its very popular editing software, Final Cut Pro, has only been available since last week. It would appear Apple has laid an egg this time. Customer feedback is brutal, especially from one Conan O'Brien.

O'Brien's team of show editors put together this video parody "extolling" the editing software's new features. You can watch it, as it ran on the show, here. Needless to say, the PR department at Apple hasn't had a headache like this since antennaegate.

Worse than the high-profile spanking from O'Brien, Final Cut Pro X is getting creamed by customer feedback on the Mac App store site. At one point over the weekend, some 400 out of 900 customer reviews gave it one star or fewer. To make matters worse, Apple mysteriously shut down the comments section for a time. You can imagine how that went over.

Apple being Apple, however; Final Cut Pro X is still hovering near the top of the charts at the Mac App store. So even when Apple fails with miserable reviews and a public shaming from a late night talk show comedian, it still mops up in sales. The new, lower price point of $299 is clearly helping on that front. That's a dramatic drop from the usual $1000 on previous versions.

By the way, when I hear Apple has dropped the price on Final Cut Pro from $1000 to $300, I can only think of one thing: more "Charlie Bit My Finger" knockoff videos on Youtube.