InformationWeek has a new article out on data deduplication, a process by which companies with a ton of data on their hands can target and compress redundant data.  The article says, 'Deduplication systems look for repeating patterns of data at the block and bit levels. When multiple instances of the same pattern are discovered, the system stores a single copy of the pattern.'

Some people, however, are not sold on the idea of data deduplication.  A 2009 article on notes that while it can be a positive thing, it is also a CPU-intensive process that doesn't work well with database backup processes you might already have in place (e.g. SQL Server, Quest's LiteSpeed, RedGate's SQLBackup).

Data redundancy can be a big problem for companies of all sizes.  In today's world, technology has found its way into every part of the enterprise, and with it comes a mountain of data that IT professionals must scramble to maintain and backup.  Data deduplication is one potential way to get a handle on your data problem.  Another might be to look into cloud computing business solutions and let a professional vendor with a vested financial interest host your data for you.  Your IT professional will most likely thank you.


Curt works for Journyx, which has solutions to help improve business execution