It took awhile, but Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is finally using water instead of kerosene to put down the firestorm over recent changes in privacy settings for users.

Using the Washington Post as his podium, here's his treatise on the whole thing for your reading pleasure.

It's definitely worth the read.

It is short on specifics (like what exactly the changes will be that will simplify managing privacy settings and WHEN will these changes go into effect).

However, once you get past the hand wringing mea culpas (appropriate); here's the interesting bits.

1. Mark Zuckerberg is promising that Facebook will always be a free service to everyone! (not exactly related to the privacy thing, but we'll take it)

2. Facebook will never sell user information to third parties.

I'm highlighting the words "always" and "never". I hope he's right. Eternity is a long time, however.

More later...

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