What will they think of next? Love them or loathe them, Google is certainly ahead of the curve in developing new technology. The latest creation to emerge is Google Goggles, an Android app that allows you to search without typing or speaking. Simply use your phone to take a photo of a book, a business card, a painting or landmark, and Google will retrieve search engine results about it.


I've been using this tool for quite a while on my Android.  The place I find it most useful is when I'm standing in front of some item that I'm considering buying in a store.  I can take a picture of the barcode and Google will quickly tell me what that item costs in various online stores.  If the difference is large and I can wait, I'll go order it online. Yes.  I'm an enormous cheapskate.

Sometimes I don't wait.

I recently bought a underwater digital camera at Best Buy even though it was $30 more expensive than getting it online.  But I wanted to take it to Barton Creek the next day to take underwater pictures.  Connect with me on Facebook if you want to see them.