While trying to get out of my office and take a nice stroll around my office building, I noticed that I was hit with unwanted noise.  I found my ears blasted with the sound of leaf blowers and the constant stream of cars from the nearby highway.

Too Much Noise

Technology also produces a lot of noise outdoors, cars and leaf blowers especially.  Motorized leaf blowers are actually illegal in places like Santa Monica, California.  Maybe this is extreme, but I wouldn't mind having that law.  Is there anyone else who can hear leaf blowers from inside their office?

What about noise inside?  If you need to block out noise from what's going on in the office and you don't want to listen to music, try SimplyNoise.  You can choose white noise, pink noise, or brown noise; each color emitting different frequencies of noise.  You can also download the SimplyNoise App on your iPhone.  For a musical distraction to noise, check out LifeHacker's suggestions for an in-depth analysis of the best music for productivity.  If you're looking for a good pair of earbuds that will cancel out noise, try this suggestion from BusinessWeek.

You might want to try taking a 'Silence Siesta' as author Rev. Susan Sparks suggests.  In some National Parks, noise is being regulated in order to maintain wildlife health.  Human noise has such an impact on wildlife that it is affecting their ability to find food and reproduce.  Thus, silence siestas are being implemented at many National Parks in order to protect the wildlife.  The effects of excessive noise for humans include stress, loss of concentration, muscle tension, ulcers, higher blood pressure and hypertension.  So every once in a while, take a break from the noise.  Turn off your cell phone and the TV, mute the computer and enjoy some peace and quiet.  It could do you a lot of good.

Technology can either be an aid or a hindrance to a productive life.  How do you make your work environment productive?

Curt Finch is the CEO of Journyx.  Learn more productive tips at his Project Management Blog.