Remember my Klout Score of 30?  Since then, I've been trying to increase my Klout Score by Tweeting in such a way that I would get ReTweeted.  Many people are analyzing Twitter and what content gets the most ReTweets.  Here's what I found.

Regarding timing of your Tweets, only Tweet once per hour.  The best day of the week to Tweet is Friday.  The most ReTweets occur on Fridays at 4pm Eastern Time (probably when everyone wants to go home from a long work week).

How should you format your Tweet?  Keep your Tweets short, preferably 127 characters or under.  Though this is not a lot of characters, readers prefer and ReTweet quality content.  Use longer words with more syllables and write at a higher reading level (Specifically, write to a 6th grade or above reading level).  Use more original content.  The more novelty a Tweet has the better.  Essentially, don't dumb down your Tweets just because they're short.  And for whatever reason, semicolons really kill the chance of being ReTweeted.  I really don't know what ReTwitter-ers have against semicolons.

What should you write about in your Tweet?  Having a link increases your chances of getting ReTweeted, and the most preferred way of shortening links is using  Don't just talk about yourself.  Tweets about what you had for breakfast isn't very ReTweet worthy.  People are more likely to ReTweet if you have a call to action, explain how to do something, or have a headline-style Tweet with a lot of proper nouns.  And if all else fails, Tweet about Twitter.

Little by little, I've been Tweeting more often and trying to use this information to my advantage.  I've noticed that these Inc posts get Tweeted more often on Friday…

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