Early adopters of the iPad 2 have only had the weekend to play with their new toy. That was enough time for the first reports of possible defects to come to the surface.

Just check out this video from iamphones.com demonstrating a "bleeding" in the backlighting of the screen.

The second complaint is that of tinges of yellow spots ghosting in the screen. There were similar complaints when the iPhone 4 came out last year. Apparantly, the problem was related to a bonding agent used to adhere the screen at the factory. It resolved itself once it got a chance to evaporate away over time.

MacRumors Forums has a pretty robust thread going from iPad 2 customers claiming to have one or both problems. Apple support, on the other hand, has a page setup addressing the issue. So far, there are only a couple of comments affirming there's a problem, albeit fairly minor according to the customers who have so far responded.

No word from Apple yet (as of Sunday night). Stay tuned... at least we don't have to worry about the death grip this time around.