Is IT getting left out of the loop in some companies? Some say that IT is brought in much too late on projects that are failing and are expected to 'clean up.' Rather, IT must be integrated with overall business strategy from the get-go. It is also important to measure IT investment so you can determine true ROI. Unfortunately, most companies today are not doing this.

Oh yes.  IT is always the last to know.  And this is a huge problem.

Half of our business comes from IT shops and I've seen deeply how they operate over the last 14 years.  Too many demands, too much change, and never enough resources to get it all done.  It's crept up on us all I think.  Aligning IT with the business sounds right because it is right.  But that doesn't make it easy.  Understanding costs on a per-project basis, having a good methodology for instantiating projects, and understanding who is available, what they're working on, when they'll be done, what's broken and why is job one for project managers and IT directors.  It's hard work, but when done well it can provide a competitive advantage that will obliterate competitors and enhance the customer experience.

Is your company doing it better? 

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