Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is talking. Specifically he's talking to Robert Scoble, the Liz Smith of the tech world (I mean that as a compliment, Mr. Scoble. Liz Smith is not only a Texan, but a Longhorn like me!).

Zuckerberg and Scoble apparently had a little man-to-man over the weekend via e-mail about Facebook's privacy broo-haha.

Here's the part that's of interest to me:

"We've been listening to all the feedback and have been trying to distill it down to the key things we need to improve... We're going to be ready to start talking about some of the new things we've built this week. I want to make sure we get this stuff right this time.... I know we've made a bunch of mistakes...

- Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO and Founder

I'm stopping right there. I've heard the two things that I need to hear for now.

1. Changes are coming quickly to fix the problems.

2. Mark Zuckerberg admits mistakes were made.

Nice! I would also like to praise Robert Scoble for being very clear on his policy for excerpting someone's e-mail. He only quoted the part Zuckerberg gave him permission to publicize.

Earlier this month, a blogger from Valleywag posted an entire back and forth thread between himself and Steve Jobs. Needless to say, it got a lot of play. I am purposely not linking to it.

As far as anyone knows, Jobs never gave him permission to publicize his e-mails. Granted, Steve Jobs has been around the block enough times to know he should never assume anything is off the record. So, I'm guessing it was a calculated leak to talk to the public without having to actually talk to the public.

That being said, I would like to throw in my two cents worth: I'm less than impressed the same writer, by his own admission, was drunk on Stingers at the time. It takes more than a keyboard and a Wordpress login and password to call yourself a journalist. I'm actually quite surprised no one has taken issue with this.