Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, offers this quote on his Facebook page right under his profile picture:

"I'm trying to make the world a more open place by helping people connect and share."

He sure is; whether you like it or not! At least that holds true for some 399,999,999 million Facebook users. For one user, however, there's a double standard. You guessed it: Mark Zuckerberg, himself.

That quote doesn't seem to include Mr. Zuckerberg himself.

While Facebook users plot to deactivate or delete themselves en mass in protest to the more public privacy policy, here's what you'll find on the CEO's wall:

1. As of May 18th, his last posting was on April 21st.

2. He hasn't created a new photo album since 2009.

3. His info page has two sections filled out: his web site address (facebook.com, duh!) and his personal interests.

4. His personal interests are "openness, making things that help people connect and share what's important to them (he and Martha Stewart should talk), revolutions (he and Steve Jobs should talk), information flow and minimalism".

5. He doesn't have friends, per se. But, he does have over 500,000 people who like him. Too bad they don't have the power to post on his wall.

Remember the old "Hair Club for Men" commercial; "I'm not just the president, I'm also a client"? It was the tag line from the Hair Club president as he held up his "before" picture showing some way-bad male pattern baldness while demonstrating his own loyality to the company's product.

Similarly, can you imagine the CEO of Pepsi going a month without drinking a Pepsi? Can you imagine the CEO of Nike being caught dead in a pair of Reeboks?

Are we to believe Mark Zuckerberg hasn't used his own product since April 21st? The alternative means he has a hidden, private account. Nah, can't be! Zuckerberg reportedly thinks the age of privacy is over.

Does the so-called Father of Social Networking have such poor people skills that his friends are only allowed to "like" him from afar and not have a voice? That doesn't sound very open. I thought social networking was supposed to be communicating back and forth, and not just talking at people without a feedback loop.

When he stares at the little box that asks that intimate question, "What's on your mind?", and all he comes up with is "Ready for f8, our developer conference here in San Francisco. Check it out live here.", I have to wonder; is that as deep as this man gets? I know Zuckerberg is only 26, but surely there's more signs of life than that. Where's the "home sick watching bad cable and spooning with my labrador" kind of comment followed by 27 life affirming "likes" from friends and family around the country?

Zuckerberg appears to be the oracle of transparency when it comes to his 399,999,999 fellow Facebook users. When it comes to himself, however, make no mistake; this president is just a president - and not a member.

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