Once again, science is confirming what we have always suspected. This time, after years of referring to Apple's customer base as the "cult of Mac" or "cult of Apple," a group of UK neuroscientists have been able to demonstrate that when you compare the brain MRI's of Apple fans versus those taken of people who consider themselves "very religious," well guess what? The same parts of the brain light up indicating that religious fervor and Apple fervor trigger the same reactions and feelings.

This comes from an upcoming BBC documentary called Secrets of the Superbrands, which features footage of Apple store openings that bear an eerie similarity to a modern day tent revival. If you go to the link above, make sure you watch the video clip. Watching the Apple store employees jacking up the customers leaves me expecting Joel Osteen to walk out at any moment. I mean Steve Jobs, that is.

Point made, BBC.

The documentary also compares Apple store layouts to that of cathedrals and churches. Apple stores often feature stone or other types of austere, simple flooring like a church with products mounted on pedestals like individual altars. Consider the logo backlit in white light. I'm just sayin'...

Do I hear the rustle of angel wings?

Nope, that was just my iPhone on vibrate.