While teaching a social media class last Friday in Columbus, OH, I ran across a company at the technology incubator up there called Rank By Search.

Their approach is very interesting.  Their software looks at the keywords people are typing in the searchbox of your very own website, and then automatically constructs new pages to speak to those keywords in an optimized fashion.  It does this in real time.

User searches within your site are the most effective to optimize because they are specific and relevant to your products and services.  Optimization occurs continuously and automatically based on what customers and prospects are actually searching for within your site.  Theoretically this should attrack Google crawlers and other web bots and cause your site to end up being highly ranked for those long tail search terms without any significant effort on your part.

I have no idea how long they've been around or how well their stuff works, but I like the idea.  Oddly, they don't have any search box on their own site, so it doesn't look like they're using their own technology.  Hmmm...

I'm thinking of trying it for Journyx.