Awkward! It used to be so simple when we were all pounding sand for the man in our cubicles. Days like today, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, were doped out for us. The dude who actually had a walled office told us how early we could punch out. Depending on how benevolent the dictator, we were usually out by two or three and noon on a good year.

Now, a good many of us work from home. Working in a vacuum apart from each other, it's much easier to slip away like a lover in the night. Working apart from each other, there's really no other way to do it.

Borrowing from Paul Simon, there must be 50 ways to sign-off from work early:

1. Just put out an automated reply saying when you'll be back, Jack.

2. Just include an alternate contact plan, Stan.

3. No need to be coy, Roy, and you're crazy if you listen to me.

4. Just check e-mail one last time from the bus, Gus.

5. No need to call or leave voicemail muuuuuuch...

6. Just SMS me.

You get the idea. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.