Did you ever wonder what you and your childhood friends would be when you grew up?  Could I have predicted that my rebellious attitude would lead me to form my own company?  Or what about my friend, Paul Brooks?  My childhood friend grew up to be the Senior Vice President of NASCAR and recently developed an awesome app for the iPad called Office Bleepster.

And how's this for a creative origin: this easy-to-use iPad app wouldn't have been developed had it not been for the Power Rangers.

Power Rangers Creator the Source of Inspiration

Paul Brooks met with Power Rangers creator, Haim Saban, for several days in his office while Saban was negotiating a deal for a kids' animated series.  In Saban's office, what Paul experienced became the seed of inspiration for Office Bleepster.  Saban maintained great ease and control over what occurred in his office with a series of electronic devices that allowed him to easily and seamlessly interact with his assistants.  Saban would silently communicate with an assistant and coffee would instantly appear. Meetings were ended with an assistant entering the office to inform Saban that he had another meeting to attend.  The result was a calm, professional atmosphere that Paul sought to replicate.

iPad App Ideal for Executive/Assistant Communication

There have been many communication devices developed over the years:  why is the iPad suddenly the ideal communication tool for executives and assistants to communicate with each other?  What Saban excelled at was not interrupting the visitor or client on the phone to communicate with his assistant.  Paul couldn't find that seamlessness with email, instant messaging, or intercoms.  All of these modes of communication were interruptive. 

How many times have you felt ignored when someone starts texting on their phone during a meeting?  Office Bleepster allows for easy communication between an executive and their assistant through the use of two iPads.  Through WiFi or a Bluetooth connection, messages can be sent and received through the use of 25 pre-determined instant message buttons, which are customizable.  A short bleep sound is played when a message is sent or received.  Because of the pre-determined buttons, Office Bleepster allows for one button to one button communication.  Pushing just one button with one tiny sound being emitted (or no sound at all) keeps a visitor from noticing the exchange between executive and assistant.  A typing function for texting is built into the program as well; ideal for when visitors are not present or when a specific need arises.

Warning:  Informing Your Assistant about App Can Equal Constant Nagging for an iPad

If you are an executive and both you and your assistant already own an iPad, this would be a great way to communicate more seamlessly, especially during meetings and phone calls.  But if your assistant doesn't own an iPad, I could see this app being an excuse to relentlessly ask for one. 

In truth, you could probably find a way to discreetly communicate without this iPad app.  But if you're feeling generous, this app could be a very cool excuse to award an awesome assistant with an iPad.

Curt Finch is the CEO of Journyx, a provider of timesheet and resource management software.