And on the 28th day, Apple sold its one millionth iPad. Not bad for a month's work.

It took 18 months for Apple to sell its first one million iPods and 70 plus days to sell its first one million iPhones.

Does this mean the iPad is better than the iPod or iPhone? Is the iPhone better than the iPod?

Nope, this is a lesson in how successful products begat more successful products.

iPod sales fueled an ever better launch of the iPhone. The iPod and iPhone fueled an even better launch of the iPad.

At this point, Apple could sell anything with the letter "i" in front of it and hit one million in a month.

In other Apple news...

The New York Post is reporting today that the Dept of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission are looking into investigating Apple for anti-trust violations.

The problem: Apple's recent change in its user agreement with app developers. The new agreement forbids developers from using anything but Apple tools to build apps. "Naughty" as a friend of mine would say.

We'll see what happens.