I am often seen walking around the office with my BlueAnt in my ear, holding phone conversations at ease with my voice activated headset.  I love my BlueAnt, but I really wish I could play music through it.

Since my regular water hole is closed for winter, I have to replace my morning swim with a morning run.  And being a huge Pandora fan, I want a headset device that hooks up to my Android Phone and lets me listen to Pandora.  So I decided to get the Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones.  Try saying that five times fast.  I picked this headset because it's wireless and uses Bluetooth technology to connect to my phone.  It seems like a great idea:  listening to music while still being able to take calls.  The headset allows you to take calls through a built-in microphone.

But here's the rub—once I take a phone call, I can't get the headphones to play the music again.  My phone recognizes that music is playing and it erroneously thinks it's sending the music to the headset.  Proof of this is when I turn the headset completely off, the music starts playing through the phone's speakers.  That is my main concern with this product:  it doesn't fully deliver on its advertising promise.  They have to improve on the headset being able to read music after a call is completed.

Another issue is that the headset is a little tight on my ears.  I figured it was because I have a big head, but I had other people try them on and they experienced tightness as well.  I can understand why they need to be a little tight (so that they stay on properly) but I would like them to be a bit more comfortable.

What cool Bluetooth headset do you have?

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