I received several great responses from my last headphone review.  I recently tried out the Klipsch Image ONE on-ear headphones.  My work requires that I travel quite often which means I spend a lot of time in airports, where people frequently use headphones while waiting on their flight.  Have you ever noticed all the different kinds of headphones people are wearing these days?  The Klipsch headphones would be ideal not only for air travel, but anytime you need headphones. 

Sound Quality

These headphones promise amazing sound quality and they fulfill that promise.  Not only is the bass excellent, but the sound is so clear and sharp that the different intricacies of each instrument can be heard.  These headphones would be great for someone whose profession required analyzing music.

The Klipsch headphones are noise-isolating, which differs from noise cancellation headphones.  With noise cancellation, you need a battery powered headset that emits white noise to cover up outside noise.  This constant white noise can be annoying for some listeners.  The Klipsch headphones provide a nice alternative to noise cancellation devices.  The headphones are not battery operated which means they can plug into any device and work.  But because they are noise-isolating, there are many warning labels in the instructions about when not to wear these headphones, such as riding a bike, running, walking, or other activities where hearing ambient noise would be important.  There’s even a warning label against wearing them in a car.  That seemed like an obvious fact to me, but if it’s written down, someone must have done it!

Remote Functions

The Klipsch Image ONE headphones are ideal for use with an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.  The attached remote is specifically designed for these devices.  There is a built in mic that picks up voice very well.  The mic is so well hidden, I would have had no idea it was there had I not read the instructions.

If you’re looking for a great pair of comfortable headphones for your iDevice, I recommend these headphones.  They come in a nice compact case with an airport adaptor that makes them ideal for air travel.  What are your favorite headphones?

Curt Finch is the CEO of Journyx.  Stay up-to-date with Curt and his company on Twitter.