That's "Ram", as in Ram Arumugam, an upset iPhone/iPad app developer from Seattle and "Steve", as in Steve Jobs. The headline is a direct quote from the opening line of a phone call Mr. Arumugam took two hours after Apple rejected his latest iPad app (Economy for iPad).

That's right, he got a call from the big guy himself. It's a story that first made headlines in the local paper.

Here's what happened:

Mr. Arumugam had just fired off an appeal to the app review board and an email to Mr. Jobs protesting the rejection of his app. Apparently he had used a snippet of non-public code, which is an Apple no-no. One can imagine his frustration level.

The two apparantly hit it off on the phone and talked through the problem. Arumugam explained the code infraction was what he thought to be a harmless workaround to a programming glitch. Jobs talked him through the problem and he was able to remove the offending code. The app was then approved and it is now the top selling iPad app in the finance category (at $2.99 a pop).

If you are waiting for a "but", there isn't one. If you are waiting for a cynical footnote to this story, there isn't one. If you are waiting for me to punctuate the story with an adoring accolade for Steve Jobs, there isn't one.

The story is just one more piece of the puzzle that is Steve Jobs.

You can read Ram Arumugam's first person account of the phone call on his blog here.

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