I love a great Android App. I recently found out about a new Android App called iHound. iHound is an App on iTunes, available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and now available for Android phones as well.  Since I have an Android, I will focus on the features that are available for Android users.

If you were to download the iHound App on your Android, your phone would be constantly tracked through the phone's GPS system. Geofencing allows alerts and check-ins to occur automatically in Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter (all of which are optional, of course). If your phone is misplaced, a push alert can be sent that will play a loud siren, regardless of the current volume setting on the phone. Hopefully, you would hear the siren and be able to find your phone. If you lose your phone, an instant message can be sent to communicate with whoever has your phone. Since most phones are lost, not stolen, this messaging system helps good Samaritans return your phone. If your phone is stolen, however, there are many features in iHound to protect your information. Through iHound, the phone can be remotely locked and private information, such as SMS messages, contacts, phone call logs, photos, videos, and Secure Data (SD), can be remotely wiped from the phone.  iHound will even help you print a police report with the last known location of the phone.

Another way to use iHound is to attach an iHound sticker on your device.  The sticker can be linked with your iHound account.  Then, if the device is lost, the finder can enter the number on the iHound website, and iHound connects you with the finder through email so the device can be returned.

iHound does sound cheaper than completely replacing a phone…

Curt Finch is the CEO of JournyxHe is a pioneer in time and project management technology.