As nutty as it sounds, don't discount it. I remember when Android was a mere "Google phone" rumor. For that matter, I remember when the iPhone was just a rumored twinkle in Steve Jobs' eye. So here we go, a red hot rumor that Facebook is secretly working on its own mobile operating system.

So here's the 'deets:

- The rumor is courtesy Michael Arrington at Techcrunch, not exactly a fly-by-night tech hack. Arrington is more like the Liz Smith of tech and has a pretty good batting average when it comes to rumors and gossip.

- So the story goes, Facebook has two wunderkinds heading up the project; Matthew Papakipos and Joe Hewitt. If true, they would be the guys to do it. Papakipos is the former project leader for the Google Chrome project. He reportedly jumped ship and went to Facebook back in June. Hewitt was snapped up by Facebook after he left Mozilla's Firefox team to develop his own operating system called Parakey.

- Why? Apparantly, the Facebook higher-ups don't want the mobile operating system's dogs wagging the tail of the apps. It may be time for the app to wag the operating system; what better way than to be the operating system too! Sounds very Google-ish to me.

Parting thoughts:

- I hope this isn't true! We have too many mobile platforms out there already. We don't need to add to the tower of Babel. I'm all for competition, but this is getting silly.

- Does anyone really want to entrust Facebook with all the private information in their mobile device?

P.S. What's next; a Twitter phone? Speaking of Twitter, you can follow me @oricchio