I am really becoming a big fan of author and speaker Sally Hogshead. Her book, Fascinate, illustrates the idea of using fascination triggers to influence behavior.  According to Hogshead, there are seven universal triggers:  lust, mystique, alarm, prestige, power, vice, and trust.  As I come across day-to-day problems with technology or corporate culture, I keep thinking of the fascination triggers and how knowing a person's triggers might aid in solving the problem.  To be familiar with a person's fascination triggers seems to be the key to unlocking an incredible sense of satisfaction with that person.

In searching the Internet for a link about these seven fascination triggers, I came across a Slideshare presentation added by Hogshead.  It is really well done and got me thinking: What are all the uses of Slideshare?

A Slideshare is a silent presentation of slides.  The most common form is a PowerPoint presentation, but documents and PDFs can be downloaded as well.  A Slideshare is easy to distribute on the Internet, via avenues such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  You can embed a Slideshare in a blog or website as well.  Slideshare also gives you the option of syncing audio with slides, which is called a Slidecast. Like Slideshare, this is a free service. This seems like a really cool option, especially if you are a regular provider of webinars.

What I like about Hogshead's Slideshare presentations is that they are easily read on her blog. The font is large and the visuals are clear, appealing, and further her arguments. In her Slideshare presentation "Do You Think Like a Goldfish," Hogshead presents the argument that you have about nine seconds to reach an audience, thus your message should be fascinating in order to create the fastest effect.

Looking at other Slideshare presentations, some are too heavy in content. Though informative, these are harder to read unless viewed on the Slideshare website. Sally Hogshead gave a sneak peak at the table of contents on Slideshare right before Fascinate was published. She probably wouldn't post this to be viewed on her blog since there is so much content on one slide and must be scrolled down to view the entire document. This is also an example of a document rather than a presentation on Slideshare.

What other Slideshare presentations stand out to you?

Curt Finch is the CEO of Journyx, which provides timesheet and project resource management software.