I thought my mama only meant shoes when she taught me the "white after Easter, black after Labor Day" rule. It appears Apple will be applying Mama's manners to the iPhone 4. Yup, the white iPhone 4 reportedly arrives this week.

The web site 9to5 Mac, has obtained leaked inventory documents from Best Buy that would indicate white iPhone 4's (the AT&T version) will be on sale this Wednesday. Shipments arrive as early as today and tomorrow.

It's been a long wait. The iPhone 4 launched last June. At the last minute, the "white" option was withdrawn from online ordering everywhere.

Enter human nature: We want what we can't have.

Since last June, there has been a steady trickle of white iPhone 4 rumors; relaunch dates that have come and gone, black iPhone 4's retrofitted into white casing biy third party vendors, armchair parlor theories explaining the delay (white power buttons that don't match the rest of the housing, light leakage that messes up the camera, to name a couple), more rumors, more anticipation, and so on and so forth.

But most of that was after Labor Day and before Easter.

This appears to be for real. Verizon also tells 9to5 Mac that its customers will not be sentenced to black before Labor Day accessory heresy. Yes, your white iPhone 4's are coming too!

I think I will miss the grist for the mill on this one more than the celebration of the white iPhone's arrival.

I will add one more related rumor. There are leaked pictures of a possible T-Mobile iPhone 4 floating around the Internet. But, I'm not even going there. You can check that out on Boy Genius Report yourself, if inclined.