Pair of shoes? That'll be $49.99. UGG boots? Yup, $49.99 for that too. You like that $400 watch? It's yours for only $49.99. Ditto for the leather jacket that normally goes for $1500.

What the heck happened at Duh doh! Someone made a boo-boo and for six hours every product on the site was capped at $49.99.

Luckily for, it didn't happen at 6pm. Instead it happened from midnight to 6am, Even so, word travels fast among insomniacs with friends undoubtedly rousting each other out of bed to grab those UGGS, etc.

Oddly enough, issued an apology to its customers for the glitch and is honoring the $49.99 price tag during that time period.

Good on them for honoring the pricing mistake in favor of the customer.

Apologizing may have been a little over the top, however. A "you're welcome" may have been more in order.