Dear Mr. Jobs, Thanks! Thanks, a lot! Last summer you released the new iPhone 4 and quickly the anecdotal evidence piled up that there was a problem with the antenna attached to the outer rim. Though percentages were small, a significant number complained that the so-called "death grip" (grasping the phone on the left corner of the phone) could drop the bars down to nil.

I haven't forgotten how you handled the problem, You told us to hold the phone a different way and gave us a break on bumpers for a couple of months. It wasn't a big deal you told us.

We bought it, of course. We're the Apple faithful. We defended you, and Apple (same thing) and the iPhone. In the meantime, we've endured AT&T's dropped calls and bottom of the barrel rated customer service. Not sure when the iPhone would be available through other carriers, we've re-upped our two year contracts as needed. We've camped in lawn chairs in June for your latest, greatest version every summer since 2007. We've hung in.

And now, we can just go to hell.

All these months since summer, Apple has been working on fixing that antenna issue alright- for the Verizon iPhone 4 and not the AT&T iPhone 4. Yup, just look at the comparison shots. The seam has been moved in the outer band. Yes, yes, I can hear your excuses now. You had to move the antenna for Verizon's CDMA backend, while AT&T runs on GSM. How convenient that you've been able to quietly fix the antenna issue - for your new customers.

Thanks also for timing the Verizon option half way through your upgrade cycle. This means I can pay through the nose on early termination fees on my current account, pony up at least $199 for the iPhone 4 at Verizon, all while I eat the cost of that AT&T iPhone 4 that I bought just six months ago. I mean, what's the harm? I have a whole 'nother six months to save up for the iPhone 5 that will surely come out in June and I will surely want (Because, I love Apple. Have I mentioned that?) No worries, I'll only be six months into my new two year contract with Verizon, so I'll get my clocks cleaned purchasing the iPhone 5 at a premium price above the $199 teaser rate that comes with the standard two year contract.

I hear Verizon is getting the iPad, as well, at a date to be announced. Don't get me started.