A new article at Mashable/Social Media declares that though we have always heard that content is king, what is really starting to matter even more than content is user experience. The writer predicts, 'In the coming months and years, we're going to be able to interact with media in more engaging and fun ways. We'll be able to watch our friends' reactions when they get 'RickRolled' for the first (or thousandth) time; we'll be able to high-five our friends with 3D avatars while we're all watching the World Cup online; we'll be able to better bridge the gap between our real-life social inclinations and the content we enjoy on the web.'

Those of us in business really need to understand this new model as we put together our websites, social media strategies, etc. Businesses are competing for the attention of consumers, and you have to be innovative in delivery in order to do so.


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