Verizon has a scheduled press event tomorrow that is reportedly the long-awaited announcement that the iPhone cometh. The best leaks in this story, so far, go to the Wall Street Journal and Business Insider.

Among the tastiest news morsels:

1. The iPhone will be available through Verizon sometime around the end of the month to early February. This matches last week's reports that Apple employees have been told no vacation time for the next three weeks.

2. Verizon, unlike AT&T, will be offering unlimited data plans for the iPhone.

3. Credit Suisse estimates that AT&T could lose up to 23% of its iPhone users to Verizon.

4. AT&T has already launched a sour grapes campaign. AT&T's head of PR, Larry Solomon, is quoted in reports over the weekend that Verizon's CDMA technology will prove much slower than AT&T's GSM.

5. Most interesting predictions about tomorrow: that Steve Jobs will be at the announcement, too, and the white iPhone 4 will actually see the light of day.