Children with diabetes have a hard time, as do their parents who have to try and coax them to allow their blood sugar levels to be tested with needles daily. One father of such a child invented a video game program to incentivize his child to allow testing. Bayer purchased his company and now offers Didget, a glucose meter that syncs with the Nintendo DS and rewards players for doing their blood sugar readings. According to BusinessWeek, 'Additional points are earned for staying within target blood-sugar ranges, which parents can program in. 'There used to be days when I didn't want to test,' says George Dove, 12, of Nottingham, U.K., who must use the meter as many as eight times a day. 'Now, it's fun.'' The program is only offered in the UK right now, but Bayer plans to roll it out in the US this month.

I know a lady who could benefit from something similar but it would have to be associated more with shopping than video games.  And how about something to encourage me to behave?  Are you listening Bayer?

Curt Finch is the author of a project management book and lives in Texas.