It's here. The question is does anyone really care? Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is now available starting this week. Uh, however, I haven't heard of anyone actually camping out in lawn chairs for this one.

Here's the 'deets, regardless:

1. AT&T is offering both an HTC and Samsung handset with Phone 7 aboard. Both go for the standard smartphone price point of $199 with a two year contract.

2. T-Mobile: ditto on the $199 HTC option.

3. Dell has thrown its hat in the Windows Phone 7 ring with the Dell Venue Pro. You can buy it online through Microsoft starting today. Dell won't offer it until Novemember 15 (is it me or is that weird?). 

Obviously, I don't have a positive feeling about this one (Go ahead, 'softies, starting flaming me now. Sigh...). Sorry, I just don't.

Here's why:

1. Microsoft is just way too behind not one, not two, but three juggernauts in the smartphone space: RIM's Blackberry, the iPhone and Android.

2. In order to get Windows Phone 7 for $199, I would have to commit to a new Microsoft product for two years. One word: bugs!

3. One more word: apps! Or lack thereof.

I don't think Steve Jobs or Eric Schmidt are losing sleep this week. Steve Ballmer, on the other hand...