Wordpress.com's parent company, Automattic, has announced a partnership with Federated Media this week that will give Wordpress.com's 24 million blogging sites access to Federated's vast digital advertising network. In other words, that Crimean military history blog could actually make you a little cash. For bigger fish in the blog pond, it could mean a significant new revenue stream.

The announcement, which was made at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, is thin on details right now. There's no word on how Automattic and Federated Media will share profits on Federated ads embedded in Wordpress blogging sites. More importantly, there are no details yet on how much the bloggers themselves will get to wet their beak.

This much is explained:

1. It will be an opt-in program for both bloggers and advertisers.

2. Federated is promising to embed ads "seamlessly" with sponsored posts and using what it calls "semantic search" to target specific conversations, rather than just key words.

I believe Federated Media will gain the most in this deal. For starters, it "Automattically" (get it!?) gains bragging rights to an extended reach of 24 million sites, putting it in the big leagues with the likes of Google and Yahoo.