Backblaze was designed and developed by former Apple engineers using Apple's Xcode, making it the logical choice for performance and security for Mac users (though PC users can also use the service).

What makes Backblaze relatively unique is that it automatically backs up all your data to the cloud - meaning you have to opt out of particular things being backed up rather than choosing what files you want to backup. That includes documents, photos, music and even movies. If it's on your computer - or even a connected external drive - it's backed up.

The cost is also simple, starting at just $50 per computer annually gets you unlimited storage. Need server and NAS backup? No problem. These solutions are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis, starting at just $5 per month per terabyte.

While there's no free option with Backblaze, you can get your backup service for a little less by purchasing two years of storage.

On top of having all of your data backed up by default (including data from external hard drives), Backblaze also automatically detects your network speeds, allowing you to manage your upload speeds for faster backups, provides two-factor verification and, should you lose all of your local data to a system crash, offers a "restore by mail" service that delivers an encrypted hard drive with your data via FedEx to you anywhere in the world. (Keep in mind it will cost you $99 for a USB flash drive or $189 for a USB hard drive, but you'll be reimbursed if the drives are wiped and returned within 30 days).

Other Backblaze features include:

  • Data restore via browser, mail (via USB for a fee), or mobile device

  • Unlimited versioning

  • Automatic or scheduled backup

  • Bandwidth throttling to help manage performance during backup

  • File sharing

What you won't get with Backblaze is a simple way to find your files in the cloud. There's no file explorer provided, but there is a search function that allows you to find files using keywords within that file. Also, if you don't want some of your data backed up you're going to have to specify that. And while you can schedule backups for certain times of the day, it may be best to allow Backblaze to automatically update your backup when it notices changes in your data. This can ensure you don't lose any changes should a system crash occur before your scheduled backup.

When it comes to security, it's nice to know that Backblaze encrypts your data automatically before it is sent to Backblaze's servers. If you want even more security, you can manage your own encryption keys for each individual computer so that no one - not hackers, Backblaze employees or even the government - can see your data.

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