Bitdefender EndPoint Security 6.2 is one of the top options available to small business owners who take protecting themselves against cyberattacks seriously. Independent software review organization awarded the program perfect scores across the board on factors including protection, performance and usability, and those scores alone suggest the user could do far worst than choosing the Bitdefender option.

The software offers anti-malware, a firewall, anti-phishing, web access control, application control, and device control for Windows desktops and servers, Mac desktops and even Linux environments. Upgrade to the Advanced version and the support extends to Microsoft Exchange servers and Android devices. However, it lacks a number of advanced security features like anti-theft, location detection and a file shredder.

A look through comments on forums like Gartner shows that users are particularly enamored of the software's ease of implementation, saying it's "great protection with low overhead" and "installation simple, vendor support could be better."

The standard features are what the typical user would expect. Internet protection works in concert with malware detection to block websites infected with malware and prevent phishing expeditions to hijack your identity. The software also allows for content filtering, so you can block objectionable or dangerous content from machines. A firewall monitors internet traffic and the software includes an additional layer of defense to keep malware at bay. Even better, the firewall also checks outgoing traffic to make sure that you don't inadvertently pass on malware to other unsuspecting victims. Remove device detection is also an appealing feature, so you can transfer files via USB drives and other removable devices without fear that malware be released into your system the minute you plug into the USB port. The company offers 24/7 customer support in a variety of formats to appease every taste: live chat, email and phone options are all available.

Overall, if these relatively basic features are sufficient to meet your needs, Bitdefender EndPoint Security  will work for you. You can feel confident that it is designed to keep all manner of badness out of your system without forcing you to make any sacrifices in speed and performance.