Trend Micro's OfficeScan 12.0 offers small businesses an antivirus software solution that not only gets the job done, but does it very well indeed. In's latest round of antivirus software testing in July and August of this year, OfficeScan was one of only three solutions tested to get perfect scores across the board.

OfficeScan protects both virtual and physical desktops against web-based and email threats from malware and zero-day attacks, and unauthorized access to your systems. Moreover, you can run it on Windows and Macs, as well as with Android and Apple operating systems. The solution is designed to fend off spyware, Trojans and viruses along with the aforementioned malware and zero-day attacks, and its malware protection will thwart botnets and similar menaces as well.  

OfficeScan uses a predictive machine learning engine to protect networks against new and/or previously unidentified threats through advanced file feature analysis and heuristic process monitoring. Predictive machine learning can determine the probability of a threat existing in a file or process, as well as identify the probable threat type. This makes OfficeScan particularly effective against zero-day attacks.

Version 12.0 also offers enhanced protection against ransomware attacks, and OfficeScan agents can recover files encrypted by ransomware threats, block processes associated with ransomware, and prevent compromised executable files from infecting networks.

A reviewer from notes that OfficeScan can be easily extended using plug-ins, and add-ons are available that allow users to ensure firewall security with HIPS and offer power encryption for corporate devices. Another plug-in can secure data against potential damage, with data loss prevention capabilities that can identify malware trying to target information that should remain private or confidential. Virtualization optimizations ensure that desktops remain fully controllable while virtual desktops are isolated from the overall system in order to contain potential threats.

One reviewer on notes that "licensing can sometimes be confusing with all the different features," but values the "real time protection" against all of the most pernicious threats facing small business owners. The basic version of OfficeScan also prevents infections from USB storage devices and blocks access to specified types of web content, while the advanced version also supports Microsoft Office 365 using Trend Micro Hosted Email Security and protects Microsoft Exchange email servers.

Whatever the needs of your small business, Trend Micro OfficeScan 12.0 is designed to keep your network and your company safe from the myriad threats that lurk online. 

Biggest Threats to Small Business

OfficeScan can help protect your business against some of the most common virus threats to small businesses. In 2018, these threats include things like flaws in cloud storage, stolen devices and attacks on individual websites. Small businesses face unique challenges in addressing these threats compared to large companies with more resources for cybersecurity.

Cloud storage helps businesses and consumers with their storage needs, but also opens up some vulnerabilities. The cloud has changed the way people save and move data. However, clouds are often operated by outside entities. It is critical that small business owners know whether their cloud storage provider is adequately protecting their data. It would be all too easy to have cloud data stolen or corrupted without even realizing it.

Physical devices can also pose security challenges. With more people taking their work computers back and forth, those physical devices are at risk. They could be stolen from an employee who isn't taking proper precautions with their devices. Small businesses are advised to train their employees on how to properly handle company material if they are taking things like computers home with them.

This article was updated February 19, 2018.