Video Transcript

00:09 Ted Leonsis: We're programed along the lines that if you work really hard and you get grades, if you get good grades, you'll get a good job, if you get a good job, you'll make money. If you're fortunate, you'll be able to to start your own company. If you start your own company, you'll sell it, you'll make a lot of money and then you'll be happy. That success will lead to happiness. That's what we've been ingrained with. That's the entrepreneurial dream.

00:38 Leonsis: And so, I sold my company, and I didn't feel happy. I felt like I had sold out. And I was struggling personally with, is this the process and is it about the exit that we should be focused on. I had a reckoning, we'll all have reckonings. Someone you love will break your heart, someone you love will pass away, you'll have a health scare, you'll have a financial setback. We live lives of reckonings and then from that reckoning, you pivot and you do something positive. Happiness generates lots of revenue and lots of values that companies that activate the most happiness do so.