When Hamon Corp. mushroomed from 130 employees to nearly 500, Jim Violette, CFO of the air-pollutant control devices manufacturer, knew it was time to reign in telecom costs. His solution, as Anne Stuart writes in the March 2003 Inc article, "Good Call," was VoIP, or telephoning on the Web. With a VoIP system, Hamon Corp. shaved at least $12,000 a month off of its telecom costs.

In this trio of articles, Stuart continues the VoIP discussion with resources for researching VoIP solutions, recent research on the technology, and a short profile of a company that made a somewhat difficult switch to VoIP.

The Present, and Future, of VoIP
Voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) is here to stay, and many businesses already have begun using it to help drastically cut their telecom costs.

Making the Switch to VoIP
It's not always easy to make the switch to an Internet phone system, but the savings are well worth the pain, as Craft Diston Industries discovered.

Security Issues with VoIP
Are voice-over Internet protocol phone systems vulnerable to hackers? Can calls be intercepted? Unfortunately, yes. Here's a list VoIP Web sites you can dial into for more information on VoIP and its related security issues.