What do Jeff BezosSatya Nadella and Marc Bernioff in common? They know that curiosity is a superpower and is the only way to thrive in the age of speed and uncertainty. 

Here are five ways to scale yourself.

1. Leaders are readers.

If you can learn to read, you can read to learn. What's on your reading list? Elon MuskWarren Buffett and Bill Gates are all prolific readers. Reading builds cognitive skills, problem solving and creativity -- all of which are essential in a fast-changing world. It can also provide new insights and fresh perspectives that help fuel your talent's growth. Try the Get Abstract app. It provides five-page executive summaries of books and is a go-to learning tool among successful entrepreneurs.

2. Never eat alone.

When's the last time you had lunch with someone and learned something new? To learn fast, you must build up networks of thinkers and doers who you can tap during your career. Networks give you access, insight and influence. Likewise, if you're not connected to the right minds it's much more difficult to learn. You become an outsider. 9others is a business that knows that learning happens when humans connect and exchange ideas. It was founded on the belief that "your success requires the aid of others." A host and nine others will meet for an informal dinner to mingle, discuss challenges, and share experiences. It already has a network of more than 3,500 members in 33 cities and is leading the way with a more intelligent approach to networking.

3. Get a mentor to raise your game.

Why learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from someone else's? Good mentors can raise your game, improve confidence and open doors to fast-track your business. In simple terms, a mentor is like a critical friend with life experience. It's a respected person who's probably achieved a high level of professional success in their field and is a role model who will guide you on your journey. We all need a gentle push sometimes to think bigger. It's all too easy to end up listening to the little man, that voice in your head that says, 'I'm not good enough', 'I can't do it' and 'it won't work'. The technical term for this state of mind is "self-imposter syndrome," and it can derail your prospects faster than the blink of an eye.

4. Fail fast to learn fast.

Learning by doing is probably the most powerful way to grow. You are bound to fail occasionally. In failure are life's little secrets. For instance, you can't learn to ride a bike by reading how to ride one. The inventor, James Dyson produced more than 5,000 failed prototypes before he invented his bestselling Dyson air vacuum. Embrace failure as your biggest teacher. It's a vital part of the process of growing as a human being. A real failure is when you make a mistake and don't fix it quickly and start over. The formula for success isn't a mystery. It's a conscious choice to learn from failure. Each wrong choice builds character and strengthens your mindset for the next challenge.

5. Launch your superpowers.

Today's problems can't be solved with yesterday's thinking. It's time to launch your superpowers, and that starts with continuous learning. Thinkers50 founders Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove, are on a mission to reinvent management education and have launched a bold new executive MBA where you will learn from the finest thinkers in the world. Details of the Thinkers50 EMBA can be found at https://www.ncflm.org/thinkers50-executive-mba/


You are a natural born learner. What will you do today that your future self will thank you for?