What do Satya Nadella, Jeff Bezos, and Jack Ma have in common? They know that continuous learning is a superpower and is the only way to lead in a time of accelerating change. We live in an age of wonder -- cars that drive themselves, platforms that anticipate our needs, and robots capable of performing everything from advanced manufacturing to complex surgery. Digital is transforming not only business but also every facet of how we lead and organize ourselves. While many fear that robots will take their jobs, the rise of exponential technologies begs a bigger question: Are you ready to own the future or be disrupted by it?

In an exclusive interview, I caught up with Thinkers50 founders Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove, who are on a mission to reinvent management education and build a bold new platform for learning from the finest thinkers in the world.

Here are Crainer and Dearlove's biggest talking points:

The Story.

Two things make our executive MBA program unique. First, there is an emphasis throughout the program on connecting what is being discussed and learned to the workplace issues and challenges faced by participants. We believe there is nothing so practical as a great idea, and with the Thinkers50 EMBA we want to put that principle to work.

Second, the Thinkers50 EMBA will draw on the Thinkers50 community of the world's leading business thinkers. Students will be able to access our library of content, assembled since 2001 when we launched the Thinkers50. This includes videos, blogs, podcasts, e-books, and articles. And we plan to have Thinkers50 ranked and shortlisted thinkers actually running and contributing to sessions. This will give students unique access to our network.

Boldness and Disruption.

We have always followed the entrepreneurial tenet that if we believe in an idea we should test it out in the marketplace. And, with something like an EMBA, you need the right partners on board. Great partners enable you to be bold. Our program is disruptive in the sense that we are not the traditional sort of MBA provider. We are lean and don't carry the baggage of established business schools.

Long-Term Vision.

We want to carry on being bold and disruptive. We want to create something global, diverse, and practical. These things are often talked about but not often delivered.

What We Have Learned.

We have learned there's a lot of great work going on at business schools. There are some really good programs. Looking at the Thinkers50 and our portfolio of activities, we thought we could bring something new to this space to help individuals become the best versions of themselves. This all goes back to our interactions with C.K. Prahalad, who has topped our ranking on two occasions. C.K. showed us that management ideas can be a force for good and can make the world a better place. The Thinkers50 EMBA is part of that mission.

Final Word.

Today's problems can't be solved with yesterday's thinking. It's time to launch your superpowers, and that starts the Thinkers50 EMBA. Details of the program can be found at www.ncflm.org/thinkers50-executive-mba.