What is it that enables leaders from Arianna Huffington and Sheryl Sandberg to Angela Ahrendts and Sara Blakely to make a difference in the world? The chances are that behind their success is a sisterhood of incredible women who have their back. Today on International Women's Day 2018, AllBright - an organisation on a mission to make the UK the best place to be a working woman - has launched a new national campaign called #sisterhoodworks with high-profile support from around the world.


Famous 'work sisterhoods' include Nicole Kidman and Reece Witherspoon who have created their own production company together and Holly Willoughby's squad of work sisters who famously include Kate Thornton, Emma Bunton and Fearne Cotton. AllBright's #sisterhoodworks campaign is calling for women all around the world to celebrate their work sisterhood and the women that have helped them 'Push for Progress' in their careers by paying homage to their 'career girl gang' on social media and by posting #sisterhoodworks selfies and photos in support of the campaign. Many of the supporters will also be wearing branded T-shirts carrying the #sisterhoodworks slogan.

Got Your Back.

Who's got your back? It seems there are distinctive 'types' of work sisters that successful women say they rely on. The research reveals that those that reach CEO, Board or Director level have the following personality types of female supporters in their network - 'the 'Reliable one' (28 per cent), 'the Funny one' (27 per cent), 'the Organised one' (25 per cent) and the 'Creative one' (29 per cent). Debbie Wosskow Co-Founder of AllBright, says: "Our research proves what we have always known - that when female leaders and entrepreneurs use the 'power of their work sisterhood' they are more confident and successful in the workplace. The campaign also encourages working women to actively strengthen their female networks in the way men have done for years to help to turbocharge their careers."

Final Word.

The self-confidence and power that comes from female camaraderie can't be understated. AllBright co-founder Anna Jones concludes: "The whole ethos of what we do is about sisterhood and building strong relationships." AllBright's campaign encourages women for the first time to champion and celebrate the amazing women who have their back throughout their career. And it's a powerful reminder that it's a little easier to navigate life's twists and turns when you surround yourself with a community of believers.

Published on: Mar 8, 2018
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