Welcome to Inc.'s Planet Purpose podcast--where we examine how companies can focus on their purpose and transform their brands. Join co-hosts Scott Goodson, Yolanda White, and Chip Walker as they put purpose-driven companies under the microscope while offering insights and analysis. On this week's episode:

Companies Coming Out of Covid

The past 18 months have put a magnifying glass to the daunting social and economic issues facing the U.S. As the country looks to emerge from Covid, consumers--especially younger generations--are no longer satisfied with the status quo. They're expecting big players, like corporations and CEOs, to step up and do something about our society's problems.

Whether a company is born of purpose, or trying to build purpose through its business model, consumers are responding well to brands that attempt to tackle big issues. But only when they actually take action, instead of just talking. CEOs can use purpose internally to change their company's behavior and employee actions by fostering environments that are more intentional and inclusive.

Co-hosts Scott Goodson, Yolanda White, and Chip Walker examine the ways that companies have been successful and unsuccessful in this regard, how purpose became a cornerstone of business strategy, and why it is in companies' best interest to help consumers live long, thriving lives.