Welcome to Inc.'s Planet Purpose podcast, where we examine how companies can focus on their purpose and transform their brands. Join co-hosts Scott Goodson, Yolanda White, and Chip Walker as they put purpose-driven companies under the microscope while offering insights and analysis. On this week's episode:

Tackling Purpose the Right Way

When large companies participate in social activism the right way, they have the power to put pressure on politicians and lawmakers -- acting as an effective catalyst for policy change. However, activism isn't easy for any company, as leaders must ensure that their companies are moving the conversation along in a way that is reflective of what their business stands for.

In order to bring about change, companies don't necessarily have to engage with societal issues in political ways. Leaders can build strong foundations that are reflective of their business's values -- and engage with them on a regular basis.

Co-hosts Scott Goodson, Yolanda White, and Chip Walker talk with UPS head of corporate affairs Laura Lane about engaging in activism democratically, tapping into the purpose of each employee, and collaborating with different stakeholders to bring solutions.