Airbnb is telling guests in its network of accommodations around the world, "Don't go there. Live there." 

The company announced updates to its app Tuesday to create a more personalized experience for users. A key component of the changes is a new matching system that cofounder and CEO Brian Chesky says will help guests find homes and hosts that better align with their preferences, and improve recommendations for neighborhoods and experiences. 

Chesky said the same search by three different people would match them with different combinations of hosts and homes based on data points collected on users over time. 

"Through machine learning we basically can update these searches," said Chesky during an event at the company's headquarters in San Francisco. 

The company is also launching a feature called Guidebooks which Chesky said culls recommendations from Airbnb hosts of destinations and activities in their individual neighborhoods. 

The announcement boiled down mainly to the brand campaign "Live There," which aims to frame Airbnb accommodations as a means for travelers to buck the pressure to participate in mass tourism and instead participate in more intimate experiences while visiting cities in the company's network.

The event Tuesday morning functioned mainly as a setup for an announcement pertaining to an apparent launch in November. "What if Airbnnb did go beyond the home?" asked Chesky. "This November, we'll find out."

He referenced Airbnb Open, an annual conference for Airbnb hosts, which this year according to appears to be taking place in November in Los Angeles. Last year's Open was held in Paris and coincided with coordinated terrorist attacks that caused mass casualties across the city.