Buzzfeed is less white and less male than it was a year ago.

The media startup released data Tuesday showing increases across in representation of minorities among overall staff, and that the company has tipped from being slightly more male to being slightly more female.

“We care about diversity for moral reasons, but we also know a diverse staff is a competitive advantage that allows us to recruit from the broadest possible pool of talent and have team members with a wide range of experiences and perspectives,” Buzzfeed founder and CEO Jonah Peretti said in a statement.

Past data released by Buzzfeed showed it was already more diverse than most digital newsrooms, and lagged behind only the Washington Post in an International Business Times survey of diversity at the Post, Buzzfeed, Newsday, New York Times, Houston Chronicle and USA Today.

With nonwhite staff now making up 31 percent of Buzzfeed, compared to about 25 percent in 2014, the $1.5 billion startup has caught up to the Post.

Here’s a breakdown of how the new data compares to the old:

Ethnic diversity

  • White - 69 percent (74.8 percent in 2014)
  • Asian American - 12.2 percent (11.3 percent in 2014)
  • Hispanic or Latino - 7.2 percent (6.5 percent 2014)
  • Black or African American - 6 percent (3.6 percent in 2014)
  • Mixed race - 4.8 percent (3.3 percent in 2014)
  • Other - 0.8 percent (0.5 percent in 2014)

Gender diversity

  • Women - 52.1 percent (48.4 percent in 2014)
  • Men - 47.9 percent (51.6 percent in 2014)

Women also make up the majority of managers at Buzzfeed, at 52 percent.

The increases in overall diversity generally carry over into the company’s newsroom, with the exception of a decrease in the percentage of newsroom staff who identify as Hispanic or Latino. In 2014, Hispanic and Latino employees made up 9.8 percent of the newsroom, which dropped to 8.3 percent this year, according to IBT.

“The progress we’ve made so far has only been possible because of the many passionate employees who care about diversity, and it is important that everyone who works at BuzzFeed has a voice and can drive positive change that makes us a better company,” said Peretti.

Published on: Oct 20, 2015