As voting results increasingly turned in Donald Trump's favor Tuesday night, venture capitalist and Hyperloop One co-founder Shervin Pishevar started tweeting.

"1/ If Trump wins I am announcing and funding a legitimate campaign for California to become its own nation," he began, continuing that California could force change in the United States with the threat of removing its economic resources from the nation.

Other California entrepreneurs started chiming in: "I support you in this effort let me know what I can do to help," tweeted Design Inc. CEO Marc Hemeon to Pishevar. "I was literally just going to tweet this. I'm in and will partner with you on it," tweeted Slow Ventures partner Dave Morin. "Awesome. I'd like to help in any way I can," tweeted a Twitter user who identified himself as a product manager at Comcast.

Wednesday Pishevar confirmed his intentions to CNBC: "We can re-enter the union after California becomes a nation ... As the sixth largest economy in the world, the economic engine of the nation and provider of a large percentage of the federal budget, California carries a lot of weight."

Critics of the proposal say proponents are trying to abandon the country at a time when California's resources would be even more greatly needed. "[T]he reaction of affluent CA techies to talk succession won't help the half of America that need our help the most," tweeted Forbes reporter Alex Konrad.

Silicon Valley business leaders cannot claim credit for initiating the proposed #Calexit move trending on social media. Prior to Pishevar's tweetstorm, organization Yes California Independence Campaign started laying groundwork in hopes of putting a referendum on the ballot in 2019.