How much should you tip your Uber driver?

A lot of riders--even those who generally tip people in other professions--are likely to say "nothing." But drivers for ride-hailing apps increasingly hope for and even expect to receive tips, and workers in other areas of the sharing and on-demand economies are also hopeful that you might add a little bit to their fare.

The question then is how much to add on to what you already owe. To find an answer, consider looking at "old economy" equivalents of these new types of jobs and offerings.

Uber and Lyft drivers

It's not that complicated: These drivers are basically fulfilling the role of taxi driver as far as tipping norms are concerned, so add gratuity as though you're in a yellow cab. Bloomberg reported in 2014 that taxi riders in New York City tended to tip at around 20 percent. If you're taking a pool, you might add another dollar or two, because while the cost may be lower for you, the driver is going through the same or more effort to get you where you're going.

With Lyft, tipping is easier because you can do it in-app and the app even recommends how much you should offer. With Uber, you might have to go out on a limb and actually offer the tip in cash from your wallet. (Sound too personal? Have you never tipped a pizza delivery person?) But increasingly, Uber drivers are making it easy by displaying signs and jars soliciting your monetary demonstration of appreciation.

TaskRabbit "tasker"

Taskers do a wide variety of, well, tasks. Tip them as you would for the task they are performing. There are a few ways to tip house cleaners, such as waiting for holidays and special occasions to tip more generously. One complicating factor is that you may not hire the same person week after week. In that case, rather than waiting a few cleans to tip, add gratuity when you pay the bill. TIDY recommends tipping $10-$20 per cleaning visit. Be mindful: The option to tip a tasker expires after 24 hours after you receive the invoice, according to TaskRabbit.

Airbnb host

Some Airbnb accommodations feel like bed and breakfasts, others more like couch surfing. In either case, the general consensus is that there's no need to tip. And even at a B&B, you generally don't tip the owner, according to online forums. What might be nice if you've had a good Airbnb stay is to leave a thank you note and, depending on how generous you feel, a gift such as flowers or a bottle of wine. However your stay went, be sure to clean up after yourself.