Throughout the homestretch of the presidential campaign, will post a series of articles that focus on three questions that leading entrepreneurs would like to pose to the Democratic and Republican candidates.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has said he doesn't view himself as belonging to a particular political party. Yet, he seems to have a soft spot for Democratic presidential candidates. A supporter of Barack Obama's 2012 campaign, Benioff came out in March in support of Hillary Clinton, citing her record on education.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the questions Benioff would ask Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump in the presidential debates all center on education:

1. Educational philosophy.

"What is your approach and philosophy on K-12 education, and how would you characterize the state of our K-12 public school infrastructure?"

2. Adopting public schools.

"What public school have you worked with the most and which public school principal to do you personally have the best relationship with, and how has it impacted your viewpoint on K-12 education? What would you do to encourage every CEO and every company to adopt a public school?"

3. Teaching kids computer science .

"What would you do to create a national K-12 computer science curriculum with our public schools?"

Benioff told CNN at the time he came out in support of Clinton that he was disappointed not to see more conversation around issues of childhood education in the United States, "and I feel the one person who has delivered that discussion over and over again, including her Too Small To Fail initiative, is Hillary Clinton, and that's why I am backing her."

Salesforce's flagship conference Dreamforce includes a service activity in which participants assemble tote bags of education materials for Too Small to Fail, a Clinton Foundation childhood education project. Benioff has for some time encouraged adoption of public schools by CEOs and companies, and his enterprise cloud company has itself adopted 26, said a spokesperson.