Snapchat and Wickr are tearing up the social marketing playbook.

While it's no news that social media use has become fractured, a new Pew Research Center report shows just how increasingly complex it's become.

About 36 percent of U.S. smart phone owners are using messaging apps like Kik and iMessage, according to Pew. Apps like Snapchat and Wickr, which automatically delete sent messages, claim 17 percent of smartphone owners as users. 

"Users now have dozens of options to communicate with others as broadly or narrowly as they like," says Maeve Duggan, lead author of the report, which was based on phone interviews with nearly 2,000 U.S. adults, most of them Internet users.

It's increasingly important for marketers to choose the right medium for their message. That medium is more often now mobile messaging.

Messaging apps “offer a more private kind of social interaction than traditional social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter,” the report says.

So when you use these apps, try to loosen up in your tone. 

For example, pare down an explanation of a newly launched product into a series of teasing videos and goofy photos that use the drawing tool to point out key features. A quick video from the office can provide a nice personal touch.

After a year of using Snapchat, Mashable said the platform’s strength lay in the simple and the raw. 

The Pew report also offers data about how the diversity of social media platforms continues to grow.

Facebook has kept its claim as the most popular social media site with 72 percent of U.S. adult internet users using it.

But Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn are on the rise. Their reported daily usage has grown by about 10 percentage points each in the past year.

Smart marketers will learn how to differentiate their tactics to make the best use of each site or application’s unique features.

With Pinterest, for example, you might draw inspiration from Lowe’s. The hardware store chain has made a point of creating boards centered on single specific topics on Pinterest.